We had barely commenced with the first term of our “last leg” as finalists when the country was locked down. Of course, the lock-down of the entire country meant closure of almost all proceedings within her, schools inclusive. “Will this continue for the whole month? Is this just a break from school routines?” Various questions chased after each other in my mind, some of which I do not remember.

Reaching home, I did not give a single thought to relaxation because it was only a month as announced by authority. Helped by my mentor, I organized a studying schedule that was keenly supervised by not only my mentor but my mother as well. I was hopeful that school was soon since the assumed time was elapsing. Driven by extreme hard work and determination, I finished almost all the notes as required by my combination: H.E.L/Sub Math.

Days passed, all eyes on the TV eagerly waiting to hear from the president like he was going to save us. Well he did as expected of a leader; he extended the lock-down to restrict movement within and across borders and sensitized about the dangers of crowding. This is was very abrupt and no one was ready for it. It was a couple of months before my school sent newsletters alerting us to prepare for online classes. It was such a relief for me because I did not want to relax while moving through the last leg.

I attended several of the classes where I benefited from my qualified and caring teachers. I however, was nostalgic due to the new normal but I could not complain since it was uncalled for by anyone. I silently and faithfully asked The Almighty to have His way and please not make it a dead year and He listened. The extended period for our sitting was instead a gap for extra attachments.

In a nutshell, I would like to call upon fellow candidates to use the remaining extra time to do all it takes because A-level is no miracle. We need flowery grades for a bright future. I also cannot forget to recognize important personalities to whom blessings should always follow. They include my beloved parents, my cherished guardians and my qualified and caring teachers. Actually, the entire TISS staff, both teaching and non-teaching. You are such benevolent people. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!


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