Taibah Junior School is located in Kawempe on Ttula Rd.

At the Primary school, we offer pre-primary education for three year groups. Our reception year group is Baby Class/Kindergarten 1 (or KG1) and the school policy stipulates that children joining this class should already be three (3) years of age or making three years before the month of May. The other year groups in the pre-primary section include Middle Class (KG2) for the four year olds and Top Class (KG3) for the five year olds. Class activities for Pre-Primary run from 7.30 am to 12.00 pm.

We mainly offer Day School facilities at this level. Our children join primary school at six years of age.
We offer the Cambridge and UNEB curriculum at the Bwebajja (Entebbe Rd) campus and only UNEB at Taibah Junior School – Kawempe. Furthermore, we teach French, Swahili, social and moral education, life skills as well as the suitable instruction for the child’s religious faith. Music, physical education, sports (including swimming), traditional and modern dance, art, craft and agriculture feature in our timetabled activities.
Also forming a major part of our curriculum are activities of Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, media studies, wildlife, Red Cross, art, ballet and hockey. We also have cookery and computing (information communication technologies) clubs as part of our curriculum.

On average, our Primary Sevens and Primary Sixes spend two hours daily on homework and extra free tuition. Our Primary Fives and Primary Fours have one hour of formal supervised time for homework per school day. The younger ones have story time, sing-along tunes time and are helped with their less intensive homework by their teachers and sometimes their Dormitory Mothers.

There are three school terms per year, each of twelve weeks. We run a weekly boarding programme and parents are very welcome to pick up their children on Friday evenings, ensuring that they are returned on Sunday evenings before 6.00 pm. In such cases, we ask parents to ensure that the weekend homework is done properly before returning to school. However, we advise parents with children in Primary Six and Seven to pick their children only from Saturday lunch time and after 4.00 pm, respectively.

The school day starts at 7.30 a.m. All children have a drink and snack break at 10.30 am. The Lower School (Kindergarten 1 to Primary Three) have their lunch at 12:30 while the Upper School (Primary Four to Primary Seven) get their lunch at 1.00 pm. Afternoon school runs from 2 pm to 4 pm.
On Fridays, the morning sessions for both Upper and Lower school end at 12.30 pm to allow the Muslims time for Juma prayers. Christians (Catholics, Protestants and evangelical groups) have their clergy visit them during the prayer hour on Sundays.