Taibah Alumni Series – Meet Dr. Aisha Bukenya

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Taibah Alumni Series – Meet Dr. Aisha Bukenya

Welcome to our Taibah Alumni series #TaibahAlumniSeries. Here we’ll be sharing short interviews with alumni from all of our schools. They’ll share their journeys with us.

Our pioneer #TaibahAlumniSeries – Dr. Aisha Bukenya

Name – Dr. Aisha Bukenya

Taibah Sch. Year of completion – Taibah Junior School – Class of 2007

Why did you choose Taibah?

Honestly, my dad chose it probably because it was close to home and the environment was really conducive for visiting parents. Enrolling us at Taibah Junior Sch turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made for my siblings and I.

What were your favourite classes and who were your favourite teachers?

All classes were amazing. Tr. Judith, Tr. Meddy, Tr. Umar, Tr. James, Tr. Solome and Tr. Madina were my favourite teachers.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Taibah Schools?

I wouldn’t know where to start; I have so many. The ‘Are You Happy’ questionnaire before bed, an opportunity to host sports day, being student on duty, weekend shopping with Uncle Pat, Friday sloppy joe. What’s there not to love about the school, honestly I can’t choose.

What do you think of the extra-curricular activities?

I think those activities are what made the Taibah Difference that people see in us today. Today we do not need training to address gatherings, express ourselves, create and innovate because we were trained to be all-round pupils and not just book smart.

What do you do now?

I am the General Manager Technical section at Mavid Pharmaceuticals Limited; a leading provider in pharmaceutical needs in Uganda. I am also a pharmacist in training (that is the internship with government before we can officially start working).

I am also an entrepreneur with my own gifts service called S&A Beautiful Sentiments. I volunteer with a few civil society organisations and I am part of the youth advisory team on the global HIV&AIDS response.

I am also the host of a TV show called Muslim Sisters’ Show on Salam TV; a part of the Next Media Group.

How did the school prepare you for your career?

Wow, I am honoured to have been a part of the Taibah family. Most of the positions I hold today, I owe to the fact that I can express myself confidently and eloquently among diverse gatherings. We were trained to answer the telephone in the office as student on duty, we hosted sports-day co-MC-ing with older students. The 3Cs (now 5Cs) Creativity, Critical Thinking, Confidence are required on every journey and every part of the way.

What advice do you have for students, parents and future parents of Taibah International School?

For the people that are attending Taibah Schools, make the most of the environment and opportunities available to you. Parents looking for schools for their children, there is only one direction I can point you to and that is Education with a difference! Everything I could have said as advice will simply manifest in the people that have attended school at Taibah International School.


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