My name is Kiyuba Miriam. I am thirteen years old. I am in primary seven grouse. Taibah Junior School has taught me so many things. Taibah has installed the 5C’s in me and these are: confidence, creativity, critical thinking, communication and concern for the community. Taibah has instilled confidence in me through exposition. This is when parents come to school and children have to present the topic that their class chose. Taibah has instilled concern for the community in me through the act of kindness week.

When schools were closed, our school administration introduced online lessons. We were so excited since it was our first time to use that approach to studying. We did online exams and we had interactions with our teachers. It was a little bit fun. When schools were opened for the candidate classes, my happiness went to the next level. Since we had completed the syllabus for most of the subjects like social studies, we were given topical tests when we reached school.

I thank Taibah administration for their work and being there for us in all kinds of situations.

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